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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Here's Ethan

So, here is the story. We were trying to recreate a photograph that had been take with Ethan's Grandpa on a pony and Ethan's Dad on a pony when they turned two. I think the pictures are great and Ethan is as cute as a bugs ear but he didn't like the pony enough to stay on it to duplicate the picture. Cullen jumped on the pony and as always was really, really happy and good natured. Ethan sure liked leading the pony around the corrals and shooting the bad guys as they went past. The best part of the day had to have been when we were done and he had change back into civilian clothes. He was playing in the dirt while we talked and then it was time to go. He didn't want to leave the dirt. Knowing what a flirt he is I said "Ethan you have to go to the park and meet some girls" Man, you have never seen a kid jump up and run for the car that fast. He was a little streak pushing his bothers stroller so they could get going. He sure does like the ladies.