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Monday, April 02, 2007

Ryo & Echo

Here is some current pictures of Ryo and Echo. Echo turned one year on March 6th and Ryo will be a year on June 11th. It is hard to get pictures of him. He zips around like the Flash. He looks great when he runs but somehow I am always a step behind. He sure is a handsome boy. Echo never gets more than two feet from me so she presents her own challenges. Looks like a great day so I am off to find a hiking trail.

Little Dogs

Hi Everyone,
I know I haven't been good with the updates but will work on that. Here are some recent pictures of sitting I did with a bunch of chihuahuas. They were really fun. Other then that I have just been taking it easy and gearing up for the busy season. I will confess with the weather the way it is I have been spending more time outdoors then at the computer. Have a great day everyone. All images contained in my blog are copyrighted so please no stealing. Thanks.