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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Here is Remington. Still a little young for agility but will be ready pretty soon. Took some time between runs to take pictures of him fetching and a couple of portraits. I think he did really well being a model :-)


Great place for a trial. Pike's Peak in the background. You couldn't beat it. The weather was great also. Not too hot and sunny. No better way to spend the weekend. The little papillon is Acesy. Katlin Scotts little dog. She started running Flicka the lab about 4 years ago and now has Acesy trained. Watching her run is like mother, like daughter. It is fun watching both of them run and work as a team with their dogs. He sure seems to love running. His face always looks so happy. Just makes you smile.


This was a great trial. That could have been because my Mom dog sat for me and I stayed in a hotel. It was nice to have the break even though I did miss Echo and Ryo a bunch. It was nice and quiet. No sibling spats :-) I don't know how people do it with little human babies :-)
The puppy is Ice. He is Katrina Scotts new pup. Baby can tear up the course and Katrina got her as a rescue. Think what she can do with Ice starting as a youngster. It will be very fun to watch him progress into the competitor that Baby is.
Teddy has his own story. He was found as a four week old puppy in the car of a deceased homeless man. Lucky for him they noticed he was alive and he was nursed back to health by Linda. The world would be a smaller place without Teddy in it. I am glad he made it.


The second trial of the summer season was in Adams County. It was hot but the dogs loved the lake nearby. Ryo learned to swim and had fun fetching the ball in the water. The boston is Hoosier. It is really fun to watch him run. He puts his little heart into every run and he is lightning fast. The other boston is little brother Toby. Watch for him in the future. I will be willing to bet that Kelly does as great a job training Toby as she has Hoosier even though they have different personalities and motivations.


Here is the first agility trial of season for me. FRAT put on a great trial in Golden. A micro burst stole my tent but after that it was smooth sailing. The little pomeranian did a great job. Just a few months before she went blind in one eye and a bit before that she had been paralyzed. She made quite the comeback from her injuries. Good luck to little Trible in the future.