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Monday, January 08, 2007

Garden of the Gods

Thanks to Chris and Cheryl and the pups for coming to the Garden of the Gods for pictures one evening. I think now the place is covered in 4 feet of snow so I think we timed it just right. I had to work at getting Shadows attention since I was very uninteresting. After the bribe of treats was over he didn't care about me. They did let me go all over the park and take pictures though. Here are some of my favorites. The sun went down fast but we made the most of it.


Ethan is a flirt to the highest degree. He is so adorable and such good natured. That smile just wins you over. I think when him and his parents walk into a room the parents cease to exist. Everybody is drawn to Ethan. I can't wait to take his 1 year old pictures.


The Mile High Golden Retriever Club puts on a nice event every December at Jeff CO Fairgrounds. This year was no exception. People had a lot of fun with their young dogs trying agility. They all did pretty well given all the treasures their noses could find in a horse areana. The puppies I photographed last year are all grown up. You would never have guessed that the pup the size of the bears paw is now bigger then the bear.

Canine Fitness & Fun Center

Once again Canine Fitness & Fun Center was great to work with. The staff was great help and the pools looked really fun. If your dog needs a good swim look them up. They even have a pool for the little dogs. The weather held so that all the groomed pups looked good for their pictures. Thanks everyone for coming out.

Sadie Mae & Company

Sadie Mae in Castle Rock is a great little shop the as the best bird feeders and dog supplies. Unfortunately I have found out they are going out of business and are selling all their fixtures and products at a discount. Hopefully things will work out for them and they can recoup some of their expenses. I wish them the best. They are really good people. It is hard to be a small business and hang in there until people find out about you. Good luck with your future endeavors. Hopefully they will still include dogs.

Friendship Academy

Katrina always has a challenge for me. If it isn't the deaf dogs that I keep making noise for then it is the challenge of taking the picture of all of hers together. I think they number 14. They are all there even if you can only see an ear. At least I take the pictures and she gets them to stay. The problem is by the time you get to Number 14 then Number 1 has forgotten why they are there. I am sure she had an Exedrin headache after that. It was fun to watch though. If you are around Peyton and are looking for an agility instructor I would suggest her. They have really nice facilities.

Lewis and Bark

If you don't know about it Lewis and Bark is a great little shop in downtown Littleton. They have all sorts of natural foods and supplements as well as some very much loved treats. I was able to set up and take pictures on their patio. It was a nice day after all the wind died down but the people were all great. They all love their dogs very much.

Camp Bow Wow Golden

Thanks to Kelly at Camp Bow Wow in Golden. Everyone was really helpful and the staff was great. The dogs were also very well behaved and easy to take pictures of. You could tell that all the dogs loved to go there. They were kind of disappointed when they had to have pictures taken instead of going out with all the other dogs to having a good romp. They also foster a little dog from the shelter. So if you are in the market for a sweet little dog ask them about Rosie.

Purr Y Paws

OK, now I can catch everyone up on all of Decembers events. I will first start with Purr Y Paws, a nice little grooming shop in Parker. I would like to thank Chris and Kenya for setting up the event. There was food and other vendors that kept the place busy. We even had some Hanukkah dogs. It was really fun. We had everything from 5 pound dogs to 150 pound dogs. It was a chanllenge.