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Sunday, October 21, 2007


Here is the new family member. My sister spent a few days with me and we went to the shelter and Jiminey found us. He is a smart little devil and figures things out quick. He amazes Jodi everyday with something he has figured out. We don't know what he is but at least after a week he has a name. Naming by committee is a big task. I think he went through half a dozen names before we could all agree on one. He jumps up anywhere anytime so he is Jiminey Cricket. These pictures are when we first got him home from the shelter and vet check. He was a little shy. He is out of his shell now and there is no stopping him.


First snow of the year and the pups loved it. That silly Ryo spent an hour outside playing fetch. Echo had more sense then the rest of us and went inside to stay warm. They sure loved playing in the snow.

Heather and Kevin

When I left Denver for Colorado Springs it was raining and yucky. When I got to Colorado Springs it was overcast and some really nice light for portraits. In the end we got rained out but had some great pictures before that happened. Heather and Kevin have some nicely trained dogs. Really easy to work with. I have gotten off lucky this year with really nice dogs and great people. Thanks for making it out in the cold, damp weather. The results are worth it.


Chauncey was a dog on a mission. Joy had been on vacation and just got back the night before. Chauncey was willing and ready to make up for lost time and lost walks. She is a great little dog. I guess I say little because when you live with Ryo everyone but a great dane and irish wolfhound seem little. She did let us get some nice pictures of her as she ran up and down the trail. She is full of life. When she sees the leash look out because she is ready to go. We had fun and in the end it was all worth the laughs and adventures.


This was a great wedding at Arrowhead. Ken's niece was the wedding official and she did a great job. She told some really nice stories about the two that made their ceremony really special and unique. I am really glad I could be a part of the wedding and we had a great day for pictures. It was a little hazy but we didn't have to fight the noon sun. I couldn't be happier and I hope they feel the same way about their photo's. Have a great time in Hawaii guys. Catch up with you when you get back.


Here is why Echo has the great life. She kind of does what she wants and then occasionally entertains me with following a command or two. Of course it does help to have treats. Guess it is back into obedience class for me. At least she stuck it out for a few good pictures even with Ryo running around being a distraction.


This was a gorgous morning. While I was waiting for my fall portraits to show up I decided to take some pictures of Echo and Ryo. Ryo was much more cooperative then Echo I'm afraid. So instead of together I had to take the pictures seperately. I think he is just a beautiful dog. Any place I go everyone compliments him and thinks I should show him. Lucky for him he just gets to live a life of luxury on the sofa with a couple of good long walks or fetch sessions a day. Doesn't get any better then that....unless of course you are Echo :-)

Sunday, October 07, 2007


This wedding is going to be great. A really loving fun family. They did great considering the limited options and the hurricane winds. We had hair blowing everywhere. Zach and Lindon were really good sports about being out in the weather. We will see what the weather is like when the wedding rolls around. You never know about Colorado.


The Foley family did great. Luke gave us almost an hour to shoot which is really good for a little baby. I must admit he is a cute, good natured little guy. The pups where great too. Cairo, Cloe and Dudley stayed right where they were put. They had a lot of distractions. Dogs were coming and going but they stayed. Nikki and Dave did their part. They had to bring the whole crew. It was fun even with the wind. A really nice fall day in Colorado.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Here is a sample of some collages to give you an idea of what can be done with your agility pictures. There is no end to the possibilities.

Daisy & Cooper

Here are Daisy and Cooper again. I knew when I picked this spot it would be beagle paradise. They didn't disappoint. Those little noses never stopped. We did get some great pictures though. I love the little booty picture. Cooper's face reminds me of an old soul who knows how to stay out of Daisy's way. Guess if I had a piece of ear chomped off I would keep one eye on her too. I am sure she didn't mean it. These two are the cutest little beagles ever. See you at the next Christmas shoot.

Liz and Pups

Liz came down from north Denver for the fall portraits in the park. I was think the leaves would be turning but in the park the trees either had green leaves or no leaves. Guess we will stick with the ones that had leaves. Her dogs were great. Two rescue dogs and the little one has lost 25 lbs. She has done a great job with her. Thanks for taking the time to drive down for the photo session. I sure do appreciate the time and effort you took along with everyone else that comes out for pictures.

CJ, Cory and Kids

Here is the family again. It is funny. When I first started taking their pictures it was CJ, Cory and Gracie. Then it was CJ, Cory, Gracie and Mollie. Now it is CJ, Cory, Gracie, Mollie and Christopher. Can't wait to see who shows up next year. You can tell by the pictures that Mollie is Daddy's little girl. That is why the hat had to be on backwards. The only time I have seen Cory without the hat is when I take the family pictures. I am suprised she was in a dress. Maybe there is something Cory isn't telling us ;-) She is a girl who knows what she wants and doesn't mind telling you. She sure likes her little brother Christopher. I like him too even if he presents photographic challenges. When he was a week old I tried taking his picture while he slept. That was a good plan until he never took a nap and squirmed like a 6 month old. Then when we did the flower pictures he was supposed to be awake and he wanted a nap. Someday I will get his number. Even if it isn't until his senior pictures.