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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Here is Ethan's little brother Cullen. Born right before Christmas. He reminds me of an old soul. You can see he has a lot going on behind his eyes. Almost like he has seen it all before. He was a great little baby. No fussing. Ethan has figured out that when the blanket comes off the diaper gets changed. All you can here is YUCK, YUCK, YUCK. Can't get anything past him. Lucky for me it was a photo op and not a diaper change. Check back to see how he is in 6 months.


Here are a couple of Christmas Quilts. Didn't finish in time for Christmas but pretty close. Hope all enjoy them and use them often. Don't forget to share :-)


This family did a fantastic job of looking great considering their luggage didn't arrive with the plane :-) Snowed hard the day before so outdoors was out but they have a lovely home and it worked out just fine. That is the great thing about photography. You get to meet all sorts of really good people. Good luck in the New Year Matarazzo Family.

Camp Bow Wow South East Denver

Here is the three foster dogs at Camp Bow Wow Denver Southeast. They are really generous to foster these dogs until they are adopted out. If you are looking for a dog they were all really nice. This was their first year and hopefully they will continue to grow and be successful.

Camp Bow Wow Littleton

Camp Bow Wow was busy. I was worn out by the end of that shoot. We had people come in every 15 minutes for 7 hours. The staff was great and a huge help. Everyone kept up their spirits and I think we all had a good time. Third time around for a lot of these folks and it is good to see them every year. Little Luke was in a great mood for his pictures with the giant teddy bear. He just laughed and laughed. He will be fun to take pictures of through the years. He is a happy guy.


Ethan is a year and a half!!! I learned a lot on this shoot. Number one, you don't shoot on trash day. The truck is much more interesting than me :-) Number two, with the speed at which Ethan moves you need to shoot with a shutter speed you would shoot a race car. Number three, schedule in a two hour nap after the sitting. It takes at least that to re-coup after running, playing and taking pictures of Ethan. Then there is always the sign language. It wouldn't be bad but he puts a little slang on the signs after every shoot so then I have to re-learn Ethan Slang with every shoot. He keeps me on my toes. Good thing I have some great translators there. It will be fun to see what he comes up with next time.

smooch the pooch

Santa was hard to find but he did a great job of it. This was a new and fun way to take pictures. Smooch the Pooch is in Highlands Ranch and they have great stuff for dogs and grooming to boot. As always Daisy and Cooper showed up. Cooper was all for getting on the box when he found out a treat followed. He did little high jumps for ten minutes just to get the treat. They are always fun.


Digstown was incredible. The staff was extremely helpful and the facility was a pleasure to shoot in. All the dogs were quit and no yelling. Very impressive. Then there is Mary Jane. That is one cool cat. Don't know how many cats could go into a doggy daycare and just hang out. She was calm and collected and was one of the best models I have seen :-) Hope to do more work there in the future. Thank you everyone for being fun and happy and easy to work with.

Friendship Agility Academy

Another year of Christmas pictures at Katrina's school in Peyton. Always fun to go out there and a great place to take pictures. This is the third year for some of them. It is always fun to see the dogs in a place other then agility. Thanks Katrina!!! Let's not forget Maxx and Lorrie for the great job they did to earn all those ribbons. Maxx is an agility fanatic. He is fun to watch. Can't wait to see what they do this year.