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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Lindon and Zachery are officially married!!! Great wedding. Everyone was fun and happy. The pictures turned out great. I was wondering for awhile when the snow was flying but it passed over and we got some really good shots. They are a good looking couple so it was easy to do. Very nice way to spend a Friday evening and I enjoyed every minute of it. Congratulations.


Karma was staying at Jennifer's for the weekend so she was allowed to come on our walks. Kaiser tried to outrun her but she has some wheels for a small dog (or big dog for that matter). She can just fly. She had a lot of fun chasing after Ryo, Echo, Kaiser and Moxee but the favorites were the squirrels. She also likes to play with different dogs that walk past. She sure is friendly and very tired by the end of the day. All dogs should be so happy when they are boarded.

Kaiser and Moxee

Like every good little brother Kaiser pesters Moxee until she has to show him who is boss. He always ends up getting the short end of the stick but he does start it. Experience wins out every time. They sure do have fun. (Note: no rotties were hurt in the taking of these photos) :-) They chase each other and play fight and it looks and sounds like they are killing each other. If you didn't know them you would wonder. But they like playing like that. Guess if it was a couple of miniature poodles nobody would look twice :-) Kaiser just got back from Kansas where he won his first points toward his championship. He goes on the road in a few weeks to the nationals and hopefully he comes back with a whole slew of points and his championship. Go Kaiser!!!