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Join me to view my latest projects and events. It is my goal with this blog to keep you updated on any events I will be photographing or specials I will be running. Check back regularly as the site is always changing. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Colorado Canine Academy

Had a great time at Colorado Canine Academy last weekend taking holiday photo's of the pups. Had to get a little creative for the little speedy ones but in the end everyone had a picture taken. I will admit it took a day to recoup but it was worth it. All the dogs were good sports about us humans taking pictures of them with all the holiday gear around them. It was fun so in my book a success. Rommel was the only odd man out as he has epilepsy and the flash will trigger a seizure. Not to worry we just ran to the park and were able to get some really beautiful pictures of him.

I will be shooting holiday pictures again on:

Oct 28th at Friendship Agility Academy in Peyton Colorado,
November 4th at Sadie Mae and Company in Castle Rock (303-688-8312,
November 5th at Purry Paws in Parker (720-300-7535),
November 11th at Lewis and Bark in Littleton (303-347-6370)

You can give any of these people a call to schedule an appointment or you can e-mail me and I will give you all the information you need.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


This is the cutest little lion I have ever seen. This will be Ethan's first Halloween so we went to the pumpkin patch at Chatfield for a photo opp. He played along pretty well and then fell asleep. He is a really good, easy going kid. Unfortunately for him that will make him a target for my camera for years to come. It was a pretty big day for him.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Corey & CJ

The fall leaves held out for another weekend. It was a beautiful day at the park today. Mollie knows sign language and was giving me the all done before we even got started. She ended up being a good sport about it. It helped to have a couple of playbreaks for her and Gracie. I of course was getting carried away taking the pictures so it was a good thing they reminded me to take a few timeouts. I think kids and dogs have it right. Just play and rest and do it all over again when you are done.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fall Portraits

Thanks for everyone who came out for fall portraits this weekend. My favorite beagles showed up. Little Daisy and Cooper are quite the pair. The always pose for me despite wanting to follow their noses into trouble. The trees and fall colors are just beautiful this time of year. I think it is my favorite season. All the reds, yellows and greens make for a nice day in the park.