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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Quilt II

Here are Mollie and Christopher's baby quilts. As you can tell I am in a bright happy color phase. I think I am getting Grandma's disease of walking past fabric and just buying it because it is cool. I need to start sewing more to use some of it up or stop buying everything I walk past. I have more ideas in my head then time to do it :-) The big quilt was my sister's. I won't let her pick the pattern again. There were so many pieces to that quilt I thought it would never get done. It probably wouldn't have if Grandma hadn't helped a lot. I would cut, trim and iron and she would sew. Robin was thanking her lucky stars for Grandma that is for sure. None of us have ever had a store bought blanket to use and I don't think we can start now. That is why I had to take up the torch. Grandma can't sew anymore and we can't sleep without our quilts :-) She kept us supplied for at least 50 years. Between her taking pictures and sewing quilts and clothes she must have spent her fortune. I am sure she wouldn't have traded it for a bank full of money and we are all grateful for that.


Just thought you might like to know that I do more then just walk the dogs, take pictures, walk the dogs and take pictures. One of my hobbies is quilting. Here are a couple of quick picks of some of the quilts I have sewn. Since I have decided not to watch t.v. except for in times of extreme vegetation I will be sewing a lot more to stay busy. At least people I know will get good Christmas presents this year. These are mostly presents to my immediate family. I think I have overloaded them and will have to start making quilts for friends.


I do take more then just dog pictures. I had a blast taking these senior pictures for Luke. I didn't realize how much fun we were having until he had over 300 pictures three hours later. All I can say to Luke is good luck picking. It was fun to take pictures of his interest instead of the traditional headshots. Of course I had to keep saying "we need at least one traditional for the yearbook" and then we would be off doing something else :-) He was a great sport about it. Even getting up at Red Rocks at 6am in the morning so we could have great light to work with. I wasn't sure about that when I got up at 5am but looking at the pictures it was well worth it. Good luck in the future and I know you will do great.

Mountain Dog Sports

Another great trial. Lindsey and Lori kept things moving and everything went smooth. I tried a couple of different views with pictures and I like the silhouettes. Learned a lot from trying that but it was fun. Once I found the park it turned out to be a great place to go. Echo and Ryo would have loved running wild there but then again they like to do that everywhere. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Here he is. Christopher arrived in June. I am just a little late in posting :-) He is a couple of weeks old in these photographs but he sure was active. CJ tried to tell me he takes naps but I am not buying it. I was there for 3 hours and those eyes didn't close once. Mollie is a great big sister. Christopher sure likes her too. If she talks he starts look for her. They are a match set. You can't tell Mollie's baby pictures for Christopher's. They are great kids and you will be seeing more of them.