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Thursday, April 02, 2009

2009 Quilts

Here are a couple quilts I have made. The photo quilt is a lap throw for Grandma. It has pictures of her family in the 40's and 50's. Mostly I put Granddad on it since I know she really misses him. There are a couple for my little cousins. They tend to be the bright ones. Quilts just keep my busy and out of trouble. I enjoy making them.

Christmas Quilts

Here are the 2008 Christmas Quilts. I was very busy with photography and sewing from September to December. I got it all done though.

2008 pillows

Here are the rest of the Christmas pillows.

Christmas 2008

Here are some projects for Christmas 2008. The Christmas socks are about 3 feet tall and hold plenty of stuff. Maybe too much stuff. The travel pillows went to friends kids and a few relatives. At least it keeps me busy and gets rid of some of my material collection that is out of control.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Here is my special little girl. I had to throw treats into the flowers to get her to stay still long enough for me to get a pictures. She is a challenge. I love her to death though and as a result she gets away with murder. Don't get me wrong she does get into trouble but she is so darn cute it doesn't last for long. I just kick her out to hunt chipmunks :-) That is punishment enough.

Got Milk

Although Ryo loves to fetch he hates a dirty tongue. He has figured out that if you stick your tongue out and scrape it against your top teeth it will remove the dirt. What he doesn't know or care to know is that after a couple times he starts looking like a rabid dog on the loose. Especially when he is running as fast as he can down the draw to get the ball. Got to love him. :-)

Echo's Hobby

Echo likes the river too but prefers only up to the belly. In this pick she went a little farther then planned. Her love and passion is chipmunk hunting with squirrels and rabbits a close second. She stays out for hours at Mom's house just waiting for the little guys to come out of the gutter drains. What she might not realize is the other end isn't connected so they circled around about 5 hours early and are laughing behind her back. She has managed to dig out about 5 or 6 feet of drain though.

Ryo's Hobby

Ryo's love in this life is fetch and the river. He could go all day if I would stay out there and throw the ball. He knows where the sand bars are so will run 40 yards up stream to take the sand bar down the middle of the river to get the ball. When the river is high he does the same thing. Instead of running down the sand bar he just swims like Phelps. I think he could get the gold if he was entered. Although we would have to throw the ball to the other end of the pool first :-) He is a handsome boy who just loves to run, swim and fetch.

Canine Fitness and Fun Center Olympics

The Doggy Olympics arrived a week before China's. There were a lot of exhausted dogs by the end of the day. There were a lot of events and they tried them all. The disc toss, hot dog eating, peanut butter eating, fetch, and relays just to name a few. I couldn't cover everything but I tried. They had gold, silver and bronze medals. One family walked away with 3 gold. Not bad for having one blind dog in the group. Everyone walked away winners and slept well that night.


Great wedding. It was a really nice overcast morning. They had a lot of out of town guests and everyone had a good time. You can never go wrong with Arrowhead. Sarah and Justin were really good sports about letting me take them around and have pictures taken. Good luck Sarah and Justin but I don't think you are going to need it :-) Seems like a match made in heaven and put to work on earth.

Cowboy Ethan

Here are a couple more I liked. He is so photogenic I had a hard time picking.

Here's Ethan

So, here is the story. We were trying to recreate a photograph that had been take with Ethan's Grandpa on a pony and Ethan's Dad on a pony when they turned two. I think the pictures are great and Ethan is as cute as a bugs ear but he didn't like the pony enough to stay on it to duplicate the picture. Cullen jumped on the pony and as always was really, really happy and good natured. Ethan sure liked leading the pony around the corrals and shooting the bad guys as they went past. The best part of the day had to have been when we were done and he had change back into civilian clothes. He was playing in the dirt while we talked and then it was time to go. He didn't want to leave the dirt. Knowing what a flirt he is I said "Ethan you have to go to the park and meet some girls" Man, you have never seen a kid jump up and run for the car that fast. He was a little streak pushing his bothers stroller so they could get going. He sure does like the ladies.